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Will Wood

Hey Samantha,

I thought I would have a read of your twitter chat experience as I am one of the champions for the discussion next week. I’m glad I did stop by because your first paragraph expressed how I am feeling about it so clearly I could have written it myself! I also just sat back and watched the first twitter chat because I am in no way a twitter native and the tweets were flying thick and fast! Hopefully I can prepare enough and get my fingers limbered up to speed for my session on Monday. Unfortunately I couldn’t sit in on the readers advisory one as I was at work so it was great to read about it here from your perspective rather than go back through the storify. I definitely agree with you on your point about how a readers advisory service conducted by someone who is not themselves widely read makes for a limited service that lacks the depth and scope the user would expect. Its good that RA resources other than the librarian exist though as it would take a lot of dedication and an incredible memory to recall most of a collection! Cheers again for the confidence boost for my upcoming twitter chat, glad to know I wasn’t alone in my apprehension.