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Hi Nicole, I really liked your reflection about the problems of everyday people trying to navigate the work a day world we live in. Even Masters students, who could be expected to be better able to tackle the information overload we all live with now, have issues with effective research methods and tools. I think it’s important that we stop and reflect on this stuff to keep the simplest and most straightforward of our problems clearly in mind. Recently I bought my mum (who is 84) an ipad and she’s turned into a Facebook fiend! Loves the way it has reconnected her with her hometown, old friends and keeps her in tune with her granndchildren. But every now and then I get a call like “Where do I find Google again?” that reminds me how much we take for granted in our technology-dominated world. It’s so important to connect with people about their real issues and I think libraries and librarians can do that really well. Thanks for your thoughts on this.