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Kate McKelliget

Thanks for your comment Caitlin!

I agree with your comment that states that the problem might not be just between faculty and librarian but also attracting students to attend. Even though the sessions at my previous university were compulsory, many students chose not to attend. They chose not to attend because they couldn’t see the benefit of it, especially since we did it four times a semester. I also think you have provided an excellent puzzle piece of the solution. Being able to show students how library skills aid their work would be a ideal. Like you say, it would be another task of itself. Perhaps, at some point, the importance of tracking/revealing such statistics will become so clear that it will be undertaken with support.

I really like that you brought to attention the fact that not all students are on campus but some are online. This thought occurred to me when replying to someone else’s post. I realise that I should have taken more time to consider how these students could also be involved. (I think the way our MIS lectures are given in real time to external students is quite unique. I wonder if pre-recorded lectures would work well for these library sessions where students’ lectures aren’t delivered in real time?)