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Stephanie Venturato

Hi Shannon and Caitlin,

I think Endnote is going to save me heaps of time with assignments. I’m generally pretty terrible at keeping track of references so in that respect its a lifesaver, trying to remember if I saved it in a bookmark or just copied the reference somewhere was one of my main problems, so now I have a process where I just straight up put it into endnote. I think it could potentially work fine for small assignments, I mean obviously its more for the big ones but its so quick to just click add reference, select from a drop down menu and it formulates it for you and puts it into the reference list. For me the best thing is that it is integrated into word so there really is no messing around or time wasting. Basically I think If you have a system that works for you then thats great but I didn’t and I need all the help I can get. Also generally by the end of a assignment I’m really over it so I get really slopping with my reference list, its a bad habit.