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Natalie Anderson

Hi Georgia,

As someone who is heavily involved in researching my family history, I found your post particularly enjoyable. I’m mad that I missed out on this program.
I now pay with and sometimes a ‘pay as I go’ with Find my Past, but in times when I do not want to pay anymore, I go into SLQ. I did not know about access births, death and marriages through SLQ, so thanks for that.

I think the genealogy websites are great but yes they do have some negative impacts. From what I believe, access to records used to be easier before Ancestry took a lot of control, leaving people to have to pay for that service (I could be wrong about this, it is just feedback from family that used it previously). Also, some people can be quite protective of the information they have retrieved, and remain ‘private’, or perhaps not even add to the website itself. These apprhensions are in reponse of ‘ownership’ , which is interesting as who really owns the information.

So, SLQ providing this service and programme, ensures users to be more capabable and confident.

A wee bit of a ramble, I’m just a bit of family history fanatic.