The finish line is in sight! Tips and info for the home stretch

I wanted to stop by and wish you all well for the last few days of assignment writing. I know many of you have assignments due across a number of units this Sunday night, so I’m sure you’re in for a busy few days.

Here’s some tips and info to help you through the last push in IFN614.

What’s due

You have the following assessment due at 11.59pm Sunday 1 November:

  • Assignment 1
    • your forum posts for the last check point (posts for Week 9, 11, 12 and 13)
    • your quiz for Week 10
  • Assignment 3
    • your grant application (group or individual)
    • your reflection on your learning (individual)

Find all the information about both assignments on the relevant assignment pages:

Assignment 1: Getting your posts ready for submission

Tips for polishing your forum posts

There are a number of pieces of content already on the site that will help you with this task.

Tell us if you used your get out of jail free card

If you used your get out of jail free card on one of the posts in Week 9, 11, 12 or 13, please make sure you made a post indicating this. If you used it before the first checkpoint, you don’t need to do anything.

Tag your posts

Please add tags to your post to help Clare keep track of your activities.

We’d appreciate it if you could use the exact tags we’ve listed below.

Add one tag for the topic:

  • Making and makerspaces
  • Research support
  • Children and teens
  • Culture and pop culture

Add one tag for the week:

  • Week 9
  • Week 11
  • Week 12
  • Week 13

Add one tag for the activity type:

  • Trends
  • Issues
  • Twitter chat
  • Service reviews
  • Program reviews
  • Argue a point



You’ll get a mark for the Week 10 quiz.


If you’ve used your get out of jail free card, Clare will mark three posts of 30. If you have completed all four activities, Clare will mark four posts out of 40.


Clare will also be marking your contribution to the learning community out of 10.

Assignment 3: Submit your grant application and reflection

Please check the Assignment 3 page for the grant application and reflection submission instructions. Note these are to be submitted separately.

Not sure if we got your file?

Please be aware that you will not get a notification when you drop your assignment into DropItToMe. Don’t stress about this, and no need to submit it more than once just to be sure. If there’s any dramas, I’ll contact you on Monday morning.

Submitted your assignment then found a mistake?

No problems. Just submit a new version of your assignment with the following indicator at the front of your file name: [resubmit]

(Please include a space after the closing square bracket.)

If you need to resubmit more than once, that’s fine. Just add [resubmit] to the front of the file name again and we’ll take the last one you submitted as the final version.


Clare will be marking your Assignment 3 submissions. Thanks Clare!

A tiny bit extra time

I know you guys have got a lot due Sunday night so please note we’ll accept anything submitted before 9am Monday as an on time submission.

Teaching team availability

Please keep my weekend availability in mind as you complete your assessment. I’ve got my own (non-fictitious) grant application to prepare this weekend, and I promised the kids I’d spend at least one day a weekend not working now my PhD is done (and since Issy’s response to that was ‘Oh yeah, we’ll see’, I’m determined to do it!).

I’ll respond to all questions posted or sent up til 5pm Friday before I finish work for the day (which might end up being in the evening).

I will also log on and check email, Twitter and the forums from 4pm to 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

That’s it!

Best of luck guys! It’s been really lovely to work with you all this semester and I’m looking forward to seeing your hard work pay off in your final pieces of assessment!


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