Let us know if you’d like your A1 checkpoint 2 marking done early

I know you’ve got a whole bunch of assessment due at the end of Week 14 so I thought I’d give you the opportunity to stagger due dates a bit by completing your forum posts and getting them marked earlier. The optional early due date will be the end of Week 13, Sunday 25 October (11.59pm).

If you’d like Clare to mark your posts early, please leave a comment here to indicate you’re finished and you’d like us to consider your posts complete by 11.59pm Sunday 25 October.


  • Deborah Fuller Reply

    Hi Kate and Clare
    I’m happy to have my posts marked early

  • Katherine Lee Reply

    Hi Kate and Clare.
    I would like to have my posts marked early 🙂

  • Paola Beretta Reply

    Hello Clare and Kate,
    I am ready to have my posts marked early. Thank you.

  • Christopher Brander Reply

    I’ve finished my posts so I’m happy for them to be marked early.

  • Ruth McConchie Reply

    Hi Clare and Kate,
    Please feel free to mark my posts early too 🙂

  • Shannon Franzway Reply

    Hi Kate and Clare
    Please mark my posts early!

  • Kate Davis Reply

    Thanks guys! Noted all of these.

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