Clarification on word limits for A3

Just a couple of points of clarification about word limits on A3.

On the application form, there is no limit for any of the tables, including budget, timeline/plan and risks. I forgot to take the word limits off the assignment page her on the unit site, so if you’ve been looking at that, you may have thought there was a word limit of 250 words on the timeline/plan and risks.

To be clear: there is no word limit on any of the tables.

The only sections of the application that have word limits are those indicated on the form.

This brings the total required/maximum words for non-tabular sections of the report down to 2750.

On the plus side: less to write. Also on the plus side: potential to jam extra content in. If you’re canny, you can add extra detail about phases of your program / product / service implementation into the timeline. (Clearly, you’re talking to a girl who knows all the tricks for getting around word limits.)

However, the limits on the sections that have limits are hard limits. You cannot go a word over, because in the real world, you wouldn’t be able to type that word into the form. So this is partly an exercise in being creative with how you present the information.

There is now an Assignment 3 forum so please feel free to post any questions you have about the assignment there.

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