Example proposal for a program

In tonight’s class, I said I’d provide an example proposal from the precursor to this unit. So here it is [Word].

I want to stress that this was a different assignment. It was much more detailed, and was an internal proposal rather than a grant application. But it is a very good example of a well thought through proposal.

I recommend looking at the sections that are similar to those you will need to include in your grant – including the budget and risk management strategy.

Note in particular you do not have as much space to cover background.

Incidentally, this is a good example of how you can turn your assignment work into a publication. This proposal was reworked into an article in Australian Library Journal:

Henry, K., Lagos, A., & Berndt, F. (2012). Bridging the literacy gap between boys and girls: An opportunity for the national year of reading 2012. Australian Library Journal, 61(2), 143-150.

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