How are you traveling?

I just wanted to check in with everyone to see how you’re traveling, and if there’s anything in particular you’d like us to address in the final couple of weeks of semester.

I would like to run a one hour online-only class on Monday night (Week 12) following our Twitter chat to talk through Assignment 3 and any areas where you think you need to build up your knowledge to allow you to successfully complete the assignment. We’ve covered all the core content but I want to give you the opportunity to take another look at any topics you’d like to give some more thought to.

Assignment 3 is designed to be a capstone piece of work that brings together all the threads from the unit content. Are their any threads you’d like to go back over?

Is there anything we haven’t covered (related to programs, products and services) that you’d like to talk about?

How are you traveling more generally? Any areas of concern that we can address?

Please comment here to let us know how you’re going and how we can shape the final two weeks of semester to best meet your needs and suit your interests.

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