Assignment 2 and 3 forms and submission methods

I’ve made the forms for Assignment 2 and 3 available from the Assignment 2 and 3 page, along with instructions on how to submit the documents.

I decided to make the forms in Word, so that you don’t have to worry about submitting it via a web form. This is a pretty typical practice – many grants have Word or PDF forms.

There is a character limit on some of the fields on the form. You’ll see I’ve indicated “x words or y characters”. I’ve roughly calculated character limits, but these are more generous than the word count specified to give you a bit of flexibility, just in case you like to use big words! 😉

If you have any difficulties with the forms, please let me know.


  • Robynne Kilborne Blake Reply

    Hi Kate, I am struggling with the character limit but the bigger problem is fitting the refernce list in. Should there be an extra space for this or do we have to fit that into the 500 words for the program overview? That would be very tough!

    Grateful for your advice, Thanks, Robynne

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