More ideas for program reviews

A couple of days ago, Clare posted some ideas for makerspace-type programs you could attend for your program review.

Here are a few other ideas for finding programs to review.

Review a program plan or program resources instead of a program

While my preference would be for you to attend a program, I’m open to you reviewing resources for a program instead.¬†For example, The Edge make full workshop plans available on their website. And there are lots of other program plans around the web from various different types of libraries.

Think beyond libraries

You can also think more broadly than libraries. Check out what’s on at galleries and museums too.

I’d also be open to you going to something unrelated to GLAMs and making linkages back to libraries. For example, at your next sewing class, think about how that type of program might be offered in a library and what the benefits might be. Go to an author talk at a bookshop for a young adult fiction author and reflect on the event and how it might work in a library context.

Research support week

Looking for something to attend for research support week? Check out the program of events QUT Library offers for researchers.

Remember, you don’t have to attend the program in the designated week – just write it up and post it that week.

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