Getting ready for Assignment 2 and 3

I posted the criteria sheets and some revisions to the Assignment 2 and 3 instructions several days ago. So far there’s been no feedback, so I’m assuming you’re all happy to proceed with the criteria as they are and with the proposed revisions.

I’ll make the instructions final at the end of tomorrow (Sunday) – i.e. I’ll remove the strikethrough text so you can only see the final requirements.

Still looking for a group?

I’ve created a forum for students who are still looking for a partner or group. Please use it to make connections with people. This kind of assignment works really well in a group.

Please sign up!

There’s just one thing I need you guys to do, and that’s to sign up on the sign up sheet to either complete the assignment on your own or in a pair or group of three, by close of business Friday 18 September.

We need to know how many groups and how many individuals we have so we can plan for the marking. To this end, whoever hasn’t signed up by Friday will be allocated to a group of three and you will be required to work with your allocated group regardless of whether you’ve already started the assignment or not. So please sign up.

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