Gold star posts – a few examples to inspire you

Kate has asked me to nominate a few blog posts from the first couple of weeks as “gold star” examples. I’ve chosen four which have each tackled a different activity.

Please note, if I haven’t selected one of your posts, it doesn’t mean your work isn’t any good. I’ve selected these fairly randomly but they all have a few things in common. (Also, note to Paola, Chris B., Deb and Robyn, inclusion in this list doesn’t guarantee you will get perfect marks. Just saying.)

What I like about these examples:

  • Posts link closely to the weekly topics
  • Strong, coherent arguments and personal opinions are presented
  • Posts are well structured, a good length and include relevant tags
  • A variety of information sources are used to inform and provide evidence for the arguments presented.
  • Information sources are attributed and links are contextual
  • Posts have generated discussion and attracted comments from other IFN614 bloggers

Good luck everyone – I am looking forward to getting stuck into marking in a couple of weeks at the first check point and getting some comprehensive feedback to you.

Paola’s Point of View:

Chris B’s Trend Reflection:

Deb’s Twitter Chat reflection:

Robyn’s Service Review:

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