Draft Assignment 2 and 3 requirements are ready for comment

I’ve posted the detailed requirements for Assignment 2 and 3 for you to review.

These are based on a real grant application – specifically, State Library of New South Wales’ public library grants, with a few modifications based on the application for QUT’s Engagement Innovation Grant program.

You’ll notice there are maximum word lengths for each individual section of the application. These are hard maximums – you won’t be able to enter more than this number of words in the form I provide you to complete the assignment. This might seem mean and nasty, but the hardest part of writing a grant application IMO is trying to write really good responses in each section of the application without going over the word or character limit. Applications that use character limits are even tougher. So this is an exercise in working within tight parameters and learning to be succinct, clear and persuasive.

Once we agree on the requirements, I’ll create a form for you to complete for both A2 and A3, so the process will be very similar to completing a grant application.

We originally agreed that we’d open submissions for A2 at the end of Week 7 and close them at the end of Week 9, but I’ve decided to leave them open til the end of Week 10. If you do plan on making use of the extra week, I suggest you plan to hang onto your get out of jail free card for your A1 posts til the end of semester. That way you’ll free up some time to work on Assignment 3 in the last few weeks of semester.

At this stage, the requirements for Assignment 2 are final, so you can begin working on this when you are ready.

The requirements for Assignment 3 are up for negotiation, with the aim of finalising them at the end of Week 6. Please post any comments you have here by 11.59pm Sunday 30 August.

Once we finalise the requirements for Assignment 3, I’ll post the criteria for both Assignment 2 and 3.

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