Help! #katefail

Well it seems my brain is still a bit fluish and I consequently forgot to start the recording for last night’s debrief class.

So I have a request: could those of you who attended last night provide a definition of one or two of the buzzword bingo terms in the comments here?

That way, those who didn’t attend class will benefit from your new knowledge.

Thanks in advance!


  • Deborah Fuller Reply

    Born digital: something that was produced in digital format rather than or before print format.
    IFLA: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
    OPAC: online public access catalogue

  • Caitlin R Reply

    Device Agnostic: A program that can run on any device rather than a particular platform. important for providing access to the electronic delivery of services.

    ALIA – Australian Library and Information Association

    Trove – National Bibliographic database

    LCC – Library of Congress Classification – Alternative to the Dewey system

    Information Literacy: A term that can be defined in a variety of ways, often used in in the ‘skills and knowledge approach’ to mean the skills required to meet information needs or access information. However can be expanded to focus on the experience of information viewing, the way people engage with information and the information experience of particular groups at particular times or the information experience of the socially excluded.

    Hope these make some kind of sense 🙂

  • Bronwyn Linthwaite Reply

    User-generated content – media such as blogs, video, digital images, chats, tweets etc. created by users of an online system typically social media.

    Ranganathan – Refers to S.R. Ranganathan, a notable Indian university librarian and professor of library science. Proposed the “Five Laws of Library Science” in 1931.

  • Stacey Larner Reply

    Weeding: deselection, removing items from the collection
    DRM: digital rights management (an awful awful thing that makes it very hard to read digital books you’ve bought, or borrow ebooks)
    CDP: Collections Development Policy (the policy governing what items will be included in a collection)
    ILL: Inter Library Loan (the ability to access other library collections by borrowing from another library through “your” library)

  • Jill Byrne Reply

    Conspectus – The depth of collections, levels set for a collection.
    Born digital – Item made in digital first.
    MARC – Machine Readable Cataloguing, an archaic old standard (about 75 yrs out of date).
    Repository – Storage, e.g. archival library, legal depository.
    Archival Library – Copies and collections of published works e.g National Library, Parliamentary Library, Legal Library
    Stacks – Storage areas, compacts
    ILMS – Integrated Library Management System
    Copy cataloguing – Bibliographic database, Catalogue record from National Library
    LCC – Library of Congress Classification
    Information Architecture – Web design, organisation’s info
    LCSH – Library of Congress Subject Headings
    NSLA – National and State Libraries of Australasia
    Quarto – Big books
    OPAC – Online Public Access Catalogue
    Document delivery – a document from other libraries delivered for you to keep a copy
    Creative Commons – Alternate to Copyright
    Legal deposit – Publishers must provide copy of publications. e.g. Copyright Laws, archival record of Australian Society and Culture.
    PDA – Patron Driven Acquisition
    IFLA – International Federation of Library Associations

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