Tonight’s class will be online only

I’m sorry to do this for our first full class guys, but I’m really sick and I’m just not going to be able to teach on campus tonight (read: get out of bed at all today). I don’t want to cancel class because I want to talk to you about the first assignment and set the stage for the semester with an introduction to products, programs and services. So I think the best option is for us to have an online class in which we run one of the two activities I’ve prepared for tonight. I’ll run the second activity¬†asynchronously across the week, starting at the end of tonight’s class.

If you are going to be on campus, you are more than welcome to set yourselves up in the classroom, but you can also just access the session from home or wherever you are.

Class will be shorter than planned – two hours at the most.

Again, I’m really sorry about this, but I’m feeling pretty awful and I’d also prefer not to share my germs with everyone.


  • Stacey Larner Reply

    Poor you! Rest up and I’ll “see” you online tonight.

    • Kate Davis Reply

      Thanks Stacey! Serves me right for not listening to my good old mum and insisting I don’t need a flu injection!

  • Nicole Steer Reply

    Oh no! I hope you feel better soon.

    I should be online tonight. I’m not able to make it in physically tonight but it seems that works out for both of us! I am getting used to my new computer too so that might make it a little more exciting on my end.

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