We’re using forums instead of blogs

In our first class, I mentioned that you’d be completing the learning journal assignment on your own blog on the unit site.

But I know many of you have other blogs and so I’ve been trying to think of a way for you to complete the assignment publicly, allowing you to connect with your peers around your content, without making you create another blog.

The answer I’ve come up with is: forums.

Those of you who’ve used Blackboard forums before may be cringing inside… I just want to reassure you that the forums on this site are much, much more functional and easy to use.

From Week 3, you will each have your own forum on the unit site, where you will post your learning activities. The expectations will be exactly the same. You’ll still be required to write your posts like they’re blog posts, to reference, and to critically engage with the content. The only difference is you’ll be doing it without having to worry about maintaining a blog.

In Week 2, I’ll be posting about expectations for the learning journal posts to help you get ready for your first activity in Week 3.

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below.

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