Late submissions and extensions


As a professional, you will be expected to work towards specific deadlines, with the need to deliver your work on time. You should plan your work around the assignment due dates and start working early.

Late assessment policy

Assessment submitted after the due date without an approved extension will not be marked and you will receive 0% (grade of 1) for that assessment.

QUT policy on late assessment and extensions

Having trouble finishing an assignment on time?

Step 1: Talk to your tutor or Unit Coordinator

If you are having difficulty completing an assessment item or think you won’t be able to submit on time, make sure you talk to your tutor or Unit Coordinator as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute!

Your tutor or Unit Coordinator will advise you on what to do next.

Step 2: Apply for an extension if you’re eligible

If special circumstances prevent you from submitting your assessment on time, you can apply for an extension.

Special circumstances may include health conditions, significant family problems or unavoidable commitments like jury duty.

Can I claim special circumstances?

How to apply for an extension

Step 3: Submit any work you have by the due date (unless you have an approved extension)

If you don’t receive a response to your extension request by the assignment due date, you should submit the work you’ve completed and attach a copy of your extension request receipt.

It is very important that you submit any work you’ve done so far so that you can still receive a mark if your extension request isn’t approved. If you don’t submit anything and your extension request isn’t approved, you will get 0 for the assignment.