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      Caitlin .


      I just had a few questions around our participation marks and what counts i.e twitter chats, forums, or use of twitter outside of chat times. Also will we get any feedback on how we are tracking in relation to participation. I also noticed that within twitter teachers follow some students and not others, I may definitely be suffering from severe assignment overload paranoia however I wondered if this was an indication of how we are tracking.

      2nd question I just wanted to clarify that there is no point changing any thing from checkpoint 1 blog posts. Am I correct in assuming these marks are final.

      Thanks Caitlin

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      Kate Davis

      Hi Caitlin

      There was a task at the beginning of the semester that asked students to tweet me so I could follow them and add them to the class list. The people who completed this task are the people I’m following. There’s no hidden agenda here. It’s just whether or not the task was completed.

      If you are signed up for the learning analytics research project, I’ll be using that to check your contributions across the semester for marking. If you aren’t, I go through the site and the unit hashtag feed to work out what contribution you have made across the semester.

      All contributions in all forums – comments on the teaching team blog posts, comments on your peers’ forum posts, tweets with the unit hashtag – count for participation.

      On the Assignment 1 page, I indicated that you need to make at least two contributions a week to pass this part of the assignment.

      And yes, the activities for Checkpoint 1 have been marked already and there is no point making any changes to those.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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      Caitlin .

      Ok thanks for the clarification 🙂

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