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      Kym Ferris

      Hi everyone,

      I’m in my 2nd semester part time of the Library & Information Studies major. My 1st semester though was semester 1 2014. My studies had to be “paused” for a year. I’m changing careers. My background is in science as I majored in chemistry in my undergraduate degree. I enjoy reading (although not reading much at the moment), music (need to organize a repair & tune for my piano before I play again) and winter walks in the sun. I have several easy knitting projects I’m currently working on as I learn to knit.

      I’m not sure what kind of library or information service I’d like to work in when I graduate. My ideal job would have some teaching or instructing or helping people aspect to it balanced with behind the scene work (ie not full on people contact).

      “Superpower” or skill I or others would consider I have? Hmm – my sister informed me recently that I used to frustrate her when we were kids and it was my turn to wash up. (NB this was before dishwashers were common) She hated waiting as I was too slow. My response – I bet you didn’t have to get me to rewash anything because it hadn’t been done properly the first time! I tend towards the perfectionist “it’s worth taking the time to do it properly the 1st time” which is not always a positive thing.

      What I’d like to develop? Organization and digital skills. I’ve moved twice in the last 15 months and have discovered I’m a bit of a hoarder. I struggle a bit with the digital environment. It can be stressful, messy and strange to learn new ways of doing things you are not used to.


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      Hi Kym, hope to see you in class tonight. It was nice to meet you last time.

      Don’t ever let those pesky non-perfectionists get you down! Getting it right the first time is rarely a bad thing.

      See you soon.

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