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I always enjoy your posts Paola, you always take a thoughtful approach. In the great debate about whether ebooks and kindles etc are “better” than books I’ve never understood why it’s necessary to choose one when you can embrace both! I was interested to read about Lauren Collen’s study that concluded that the kids were just as engrossed by the story, whether told in digital or physical formats. With my own children, reading with them was such a joy, imaginations flying, sneaky tickling and giggling, and adding in personal twists and turns. The physical book seemed like such an important part of that experience but really there’s no reason why an ebook couldn’t do the same job, maybe with some added advantages as you point out. I wish Skype had been a possibility when my boys were small – it existed but internet speeds were so slow in the Pacific at that time, it wouldn’t have been feasible to have read a story. How lucky we are now! We can use the technology we have to enjoy something we’ve always enjoyed in new and different ways – the story!